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Laying membrane  

They said it couldn't be done. We did it anyway.

“... A&A's men, down on their hands and knees joining HDPE sheets, all deserve medals for bravery. No dam construction anywhere, at any time, was done in weather colder than this”
Diavik - Constructing the Legacy

Southern installers have always argued that it wasn't possible, that liner installation couldn't be accomplished in temperatures below -20C. Our skilled crew worked steadily and professionally while watching the thermometer plummet, from -20C to -30C and even to -40C. Not possible? We proved otherwise!

A&A Technical realizes that your Northern business can't stop being productive because of the cold. The Arctic building season is short enough, which is why we rise to the challenges of working in -40C weather, and provide our services 365 days a year, so that you can take better advantage of the limited summer construction period. Our special pre-heat fusion modules allow our crews to inhibit the formation of frost, so that we can perfectly fuse geosynthetic sheets, regardless of how far down the temperature falls.

We have re-written the fundamental rules of the Geosynthetic lining business. Call us at 867-669-7022 to find out how we can achieve the impossible for you.