About Us

Launched by Al and Bertha Harman in 1995, A&A Technical Services is an innovator in the field of extreme cold-weather geosynthetic liner installations, which is an ongoing challenge in the Northern mining industry: how is it even possible to construct such liners when frost formation prevents fusion below -20C? Their answer: specialised installation processes using "pre-heat fusion modules," a service only A&A Technical can provide. The company's quality geomembrane lining systems can now be seen in many world-class civil construction projects throughout the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

In the years since its inception, A&A Technical has earned accolade after accolade, due in major part to accomplishing the seemingly impossible for giant diamond mine projects in the far north. Originally a small company, it has now grown to a core group of over 20 employees, along with dozens more available at a moment's notice, and it offers superior production incentives and award-winning safety protocols to its skilled northern workers, many of whom are from Arctic communities with extreme climates. It is a Northern Aboriginal company which draws from the North, and is dedicated to the North, a fact demonstrated by its commitment to keep money and jobs in the area.

Why Us?