Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to geomembranes when the temperature goes below -20C?

At that point, frost forms on the materials and it becomes difficult to weld them together perfectly.

Can geomembranes be properly welded together when temperatures are colder than -20C?

YES, A&A has developed what we call “preheat fusion modules” to isolate the liner seams and keep temperatures above the level at which frost forms.

Are some types of geomembranes more suitable for cold weather installation than others?

Yes, textured geomembranes have been well proven and are more suitable for sub-zero temperatures than smooth geomembranes.

What are the advantages of textured liners vs. smooth or prefabricated liners?

#1 Safety:

#2 Ease of Installation:

Do textured liners cost more?

NO! Actually, textured liners are more economical and provide the higher strength and additional durability required for Northern designs.

Are textured geomembranes and geotextiles available in the North?

YES! A&A Technical Services is an authorized, factory-direct independent distributor, and carries an inventory of textured geomembrane liners and geotextiles specially imported for your needs. Beacuse there is no middleman, we can offer our materials at excellent savings.

Why use Geosynthetics?

Geosynthetics protect the environment and separate the contents of everything from land fills and reservoirs to fuel tank farms from the sensitive Northern soil and water.